I Want to Be Her Favorite Hello and The Hardest Goodbye

Timeless Don't let it fade out of sight
Just let the moments
sweep us both away
Lifting us to where
We both agre
It's just timeless

It's just timeless

Timeless-Kelly Clarkson

Love isn't the future to seek
love isn't the past that you revealed
Love is a polaroid
Just 2 colours on it
black or white?
Happy or Sad

Yet i know that in this world. it's very hard to find your true love.
my Brother said that the "True Love" is just an imaginary.
yes i don't fully agreed but i just about to know what he mean.

That Love is just imaginary for me.. it's far away and unreach
some people says that "someday you will found your way on love"
I don't think so..

I think Love is love
yeah L-Onelyness
it's V-ertiginous
and E-laborated

The Professor wrote "a woman without her man is nothing" Me: would write "a woman, without her man, is nothing" She would Write "A woman: Without her, man is nothing"
but I believed one thing..
Women and Man are created to complete on each other..
I know my Love..
wherever You are.. No matter How scrubby and umeant i am,
I would left some small memory to her.
And She left me with all of Our memories..

So would you be my greatest hellow and the hardest goodbye?

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