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These days, are too worth it to filled with tears and sorrows.
These days, are yours.
Blessings happen everytime.
The fact that you were born,
is a proof that God have a plan for you.
The path may seem unclear right now.
but one day, you will see,
that all came before,
was truly meant to be.

stay if you would to stay.
struggling if they/it are worth to be fight for.
pray for your enemy.
forgive all fault that something did to you.

God wrote a book named life.
That's all you need to know.
but yet i know...
my story was written a long time ago.
God only writes best sellers.

so be proud of who you are.
stop becoming what you should do.
and become what you are.

I'm very thankful to have you in my life, Vherlly.
even it almost unmeant to you.
I'm having you as my blessing in my each day i wake up from my bed.
:D thx God.


Love Defined by..

A 5 year old Girl -"Love is when he takes my chocolates and comes back with its wraper

A 10 year old Girl -"Love is when we work for a project and he intensionally touch my hand trying to get a pen !"

A 15 year old Girl -" Love is when we get caught bunking and he takes the blame "

An 18 year ...old Girl -" Love is when at farewell he hugs me saying ' keep in touch' !"

A 21 year old Girl -" Love is when he runs from college with me just for a week long trip together !!"

A 26 year old -"Love is when he proposes me with a rose and makes a fool of himself, and says 'U know i love You' "

A 35 year old woman -"love is when he cleans the house seeing me tired"

A 50 year old woman -" love is when he is ill and still cracks a joke just me laugh !

A 60 year old woman -'love is when he is taking his last breath and saying, ' I
am glad as you know what love is,,'and leaves me with a tear forever"


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Music I kept Playing in My Head

and this is the tune i sing my heart just for you.

And as we walk hand in hand you and I, we hear the music of the wind and leaves, and our hearts join in and our souls will sing in harmony. 

For we have found each other, and as we slowly ease back the layers of pain left by others, we will dance to the sweet sounds of healing. 

And we are one song closer to what we both desire.

I've been searching for that place, and have even - in flashes of seconds - entered it. To realise that it is, after all, the pain that makes me feel alive; as much as the joy and pleasure do. 
I just want in there.

Music I keep Playing in my head after this are you.

5 Truths to share

  1. Pray Everyday.
  2. Count your blessings to forget your problems.
  3. If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it.
  4. There is no "Key" to happiness. The Door is already open.
  5. Fear God who saves your soul, not those who can harm your body.

The Risk I Was Take

I wonder.
how i stop smiling when i looked at you.
maybe that i'm so insecure in front of you.

have you ever waking up from your dream just to find that you find another dream in your dream?
one that you will never reach.
this is just what i felt about today.
about you.

i struggling..

how i wish. i could tell myself not to loving you.
and think it will be different.
think that someday you willl realize.
how u took all my life for you to killed.

nobody says it was easy.
but i never thought it will be this hard..

how i wish to myself.
that someday.
I will be stand in front of you.
like nothing happened. just like you did.
and smile so widely.

how i tell myself not to loving you.
is just like i tell my lungs to stop breathe.

wind wind.. wind... i spell your name beneath it.

A Day with Celine :D

This is the happy happy day.

I just meet my younger cousin, named celine
It's been so long since i meet her.
She's just 9 years old.
When we meet she's just alittle kid and now she's 9 years old!
and she asked me to make her an origami and i am so wanted to pinch her cheeks.
She is so cute..

Let me show you some of my photos with her :)

hahaha.. :D
she's so flirt when she did it.

She is so smart. she made some origami buttrfly.
I love butterfly and she love it too  :)
beside that, i made some frog origami.
and this ... :D

There some funny story to tell, include how she is so close to me as a brother and sister.
When I'm in her home.
and when she wants to sleep, she always ask me to read some story or tale, because if not she'll whimper and cry to me.
else, when i read it. in one minute she's already dead!
fall asleep.. she's cutest girl i've ever know..

haha. i remember when she's draw me this picture.
take a peek on this :D
a butterfly again...

ok, want to know what story between me and butterfly?
i tell you later.

Now, i will stay in salatiga for one more day.
and this week  i felt like i'm almost forgot all of my troubles
because this lovely child :D

Celine yang unyu... Thank you yah.... :D

Besok kita maen origami lagi...


Look I can unlike your Status on Facebook.

I just can't unlike you...

Help Me. I miss You.

i miss you.
and there is no F1 for help
There is no escape....


Janji memang sangat mudah diucapkan. terkadang satuannya hanya satu dua hari, lalu lupa.
janji pada kamu. kenapa sebegitu susahnya.
mungkin lebih baik memang saya tidak pernah janji apa-apa, jika akhirnya saya termakan janji saya sendiri,

tahukah kamu?
saya tahu persis rasanya,
seperti tidak ingin lupa.
Dan janji saya untuk tidak akan meninggalkan kamu.

kini saya tahu kenapa saya menjanjikan hal itu.
mengapa sebegitu yakinnya saya akan hal itu.
Mengapa seolah itu terlontar begitu saja dari ulut saya.
karena saya menggenggam kamu begitu erat. bukan dalam tangan saya.
saya menggenggam kamu erat disini. lekat-lekat di hati saya.


NB: Saya merasa hal yang kontradiktif terjadi pada seseorang yang dulu saya kenal baik.
yang pernah saya tanyai, " apakah kamu sayang dia?" dan dia menjawab tidak.
whatever, apa motifnya sekarang dia berbalik saya tidak tahu.
Mungkin dia merasa saya sudah kalah, dia yang menang.
Haha, tidak, kamu salah. kamu salah jika kamu menilai saya akan hancur.
tolak ukurnya bukan tangis saya, atau tawa kamu.
Tolak ukur semua ini adalah senyum orang yang saya sayang disana.

Untuk pria itu.
Janjikan saya satu hal saja.
Buat dia bahagia.
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