The End

It weeps for me late at night, when sleep does not come easily.
simple things, I miss oyu.
yeah you read wrong it.
like so, sometimes words come complicated for me.
seems like there is a sin in every words spoken out from my tongue to you.
sometimes it is true that i shouldn't be honest to say every words on my mind.

i miss every tuesday i had.
i miss how i saw you smile.
i miss every little bit moment like a child miss her chocolate.
and the worse things is that you might not want to hear this anymore.

God have given so many morning to spent without and within you.
i'm still alive at the end.
after all the sufferings and sorrows,
you ruin my life.
and i hate you. much than ever. to make me can't forget you.
done. i'm sick of it.



true love isn't found..
it's built.
but i did slowly fade
it's gone and slowly someone will take my place.

but please.
we'll have to prove them wrong..
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