LIe? (Lie?)

and so i think of you everyday

when i was watching cloud,
and the river at the back of my house.
i remember what ever you'd said to me..

and so i knew that all you've ever said to me was a lie.
and it hurts.

i can try more

and then i realize that in so many times,
that when i don't think about you,
you came.

everything carries me to you, air, butterflies, wind, aromas,
were little boats that sail towards those isle of yours that never wait for me.

so i guess we are for who we are for a lot of reason.
maybe we can't know about them.
but you see it for me.
my lack, my weakness. and sometimes my overage.

i don't have the power to change it for you. to make you love me like i do
but i can choose where i go from here.
we can choose where we step out from here.
and i can try to feel okay about them.
and i can make an impossible things for you.

string from words

i collect your words you say to me,
and wear them on the string around my neck,
close to the pulse in the throat,
the thump of my heart


more than i'll ever to articulate: good bye

and i promise
from the days forward i will not bother you again.
In return i just ask one thing of you, stop pretending to care about me.
because though this is just a game to you,
i actually care..

 travel on baby.. good bye.

are you living your dream

are you living your dram girl?
being with the one you loved, and loved you i thought so.

i hope you do happy girl,
you were born just because you will be really mean to someone.

and that's not me.

now, are you living your dream girl?

Love Conquers

although we are not together right now, 
it doesn't even meant a thing.
don't give up,
i love you has a true meaning, and holds all my feeling, just hope and hold on.
for love conquers all things

l'amour vrai

one day there are one man who were crashed by someone's car.
in another day, he is waking up and he's losing his legs.
someone in the hospital are wondering why this young boy are keep smiling whilst he had lost his legs
and he asked the boy.

the boy answered, " i was hit by a car when i'm trying to save someone?"
"Why? you could be dead by now"
"because i don't want to get hurt" said the boy
"you know i think you are really love her a lot because you've sacrified your own life just for her.... maybe she's sad by now because of this condition"
"no, she is be very happy because i saved the man whom she loved"

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